Ben Affleck hits the poker game with a smash and a grand victory!

Ben Affleck is the actor that is the lifelong friend of Matt Damon that really plays and gambles at poker games, too! He was also reported to be together with Matt Damon in playing and entering the celebrity poker game or at the Texas Hold 'em games. But with these instances Ben Affleck hava also become the gambler and poker player and won series of awards and recognitions on his poker playing. Additionally, this poker player has been barred and banned from the Hard Rock casino for card counting during the game when the security caught him of his act.

Card counting is a method of using the way of probability to predicit the chances of the next hand card. This method is no technically illegal but it really gets a player banned from the game of poker. He security even told that he was just too good in the game isn't really something new that you have heard because Ben Affleck has been visiting and going to Las Vegas to play and gamble and he won large sums and total amounts of cash prizes. Furthermore, based on the New York post, he won at almost at the sum of $1 million in two of his ttrips. Even this large sum is very essential and a factor to make you rich for life.

Mentioning that Ben Affleck won $140,000 in a single game in a certain place while he is together with his best friend Matt Damon and he gave every last one of his winnings to the casino staff on his trip while he gave tips on his waitresses, dealers, and door boys as big as $5,000. Even after one year, the said poker player have won $800,000. Despite all these, Affleck already has background in playing poker with the past games with th A-list players and gamblers like Matt Damon, Tobey Maguire, and Leonardo DiCaprio.