Who is Gabe Kaplan?

If you know the TV Sitcom back in the 1970s entitled 'Welcome Back Kotter, then you must have known Gabe Kaplan. Gabe Kaplan is a comedian, actor, financial investor, commentator and a renowned Professional Poker Player, a game he has loved for a very long time.

Gabe was born In Brooklyn, New York in 1945 and first dreamt of participating and being a part of the Major League Basketball. He started it, but not long, he realized that it was not the career befitting him.

He then got a job in a hotel nearby Lakewood, New Jersey, as a bellboy. Inspired by the stand-up comedians performing at the resort, he planned and worked to make his own one which was heavily affected and drawn from his childhood back at his home town. And with determination, he travelled across the U.S performing and playing his act on various bars and clubs.

Due to this determination, he finally got his most awaited big break as he performs on 'The Tonight Show'. It was from here that he finally started working on his act that later gave birth to a successful sitcom that he created himself. It was the 'Welcome Back Kotter' Sitcom which was aired somewhere from 1975 to 1979 which was broadcasted on ABC.

He further leapt in the industry of entertainment and took part in theatres and films which gave him roles in various films.

Kaplan then became involved in financial markets and became a successful investor, developing various marketing strategies which earned him pages for various papers.

Afterwards, Kaplan became interested in poker and had his transition from being an actor in films and theatres, to becoming a Professional poker player. He became one with ease.

Although he had gone broke for two years after participating in the World Series, on 1980 he earned his first ever major poker tournament while placing sixth in the World Series that same year as well. Achievements then flowed in his career continuously. He also defeated many renowned players of the game which further made him more famous.

Today, you will still be able to see Gabe Kaplan in various programs, commenting on the game and sharing his knowledge even on the financial market. Look forward because you'll surely be seeing more of Kaplan in future tournaments may it major or not.