Jennifer Tilly and about her poker player profile

You may see Jennifer Tilly in most movies and shows. She is the most clear and visible actress and a poker celebrity. She had her victory in Ladies-Only No Limit Texas Hold'em main event in 2005 gaining the title as the World Series of Poker winner. This is the reason why because the Academy Award has voted and nominated for her as such and she was joined with her boyfriend named Phil Laak who is also a professional poker player. Together they were the poker player couples who, when combined together, will result for a World Series of Poker and World Poker Tour winners and victors.

Jennifer Tilly was commonly seen on the movie "he Seed of Chucky" and she was a sex symbol back then when she had her fame and acting roles on certain movies. She received her vacation and break as she firt discovered and improved her passionate and sexy personality on screen. This poker player and actress even had her biggest and most memorable success in the form of the Oscar nomination from her work in the movie entitled "Bullets Over Broadway" by Woody Allen in the year 1994 whlle many fans and audiences have awaited her performance on the movie entitled "Liar Liar" by Jim Carrey, a popular actor and comedian.

Jennifer Tilly started dating Phil Laak few months ago before taking a liking and interest in the game of poker. Now, she is considered in the top in the world among the female players because of her success not limited in the World Series of Poker, but also the World Poker Tour, in it, she won many various awards and special events. Lastly, Jennifer would always be refered and entitled to as the "Unabombshell" because of her seductive and sexy attires when she plays the game of poker.