Rafael Nadal brings the bounty

We would love to see if there are celebrities plaing casino or poker. Celebrities that are well-known also from their casino and poker games that they have played. One of this celebrity is named Rafa Nadal, who is famous in winning trophies and scored first when he defeated many various sports stars. Rafa Nadal claimed the €50,000 for his chosen charity. As big as the money that is stated, still he is unparalleled in playing this kind of challenge. Also, he signed up as a member of the Team Pokerstars SportStar last yeara dn he has been training in his free time and free time, even those times that it was suppose to be his tennis practice, and he seemed to notice that it paid off until the time today.

When speaking of his previous and current victories in playing poker, Rafa Nadal had enjoyed this much as he enjoyed playing tennis. With the players together the poker player, Rafa Nadal, he had also enjoyed even though there are some loss. The poker player won in the dirst place in the Charity challenge where the money and cash prize being won will be donated directly to charity or the chosen charity. Together with Daniel Negreanu and Fatima Moreira de Melo, both of them with the same mebership as Nadal, Ngreanu placed 4th while Moreira de Melo placed second, next to Nadal with the cash prize of €25,000. There are also other players that have played together with the celebrity namely Andriy Shevchenko, Ronaldo, and Alberto Tomba, who have won €10000, €5000, €5000, respectively.

During the game there were a lot of tension as Negreanu and Shevchenko is heating up the game together Moreira de Melo. The poker player, Rafa Nadal, has been playing with ease and relaxed, chill state where he handled the tension and heavy atmosphere of the game normally. Rafa Nadal played the best of his ablities and skill that he even overpowered the Ukrainian national, Andriy Shevchenko and made him lose two-thirds of his chips. Furthermore, Rafa Nadal isn't the only one best in tennis, but also the best in playing poker and helping other people in need through the money and cash prize that he won during the Charity challenge poker game. Lastly, with his skills, the poker player, Rafa Nadal, was unstoppable and luck was with him during the heated battle between the players.