'Former Spiderman', Poker Player Tobey Maguire

Toby Maguire, well known actor for many films especially in Spiderman, is also a regular poker player for high-stakes games and often comes out as the winner in them. A waitress from Colorado, who was beseeched with the title of being the Hollywood's Poker Player Princess named, Molly Bloom, who organizes poker games for Leonardo DiCaprio, Ben Affleck and Maguire, entitles Maguire as the best poker player yet the worst tipper and worst absolute loser.

Bloom who's 36 years old, from Colorado, was a cocktail waitress who was then crowned with the title mentioned and became well known to have been earning 50 grand a night from just being a poker player.

She also shared some details about a play she had with Maguire which practically ended when Maguire thought and said that bloom was already earning too much money. She also added that the former Spider-man further embarrassed her in front of all the poker players and insisted that he will give her a thousand worth of chips if she barks like a seal. Bloom indicated that she tried to just brush it away with a laugh, but the actor told her that he was serious. He further humiliated her by with words implicating that bloom was acting all mighty because of becoming rich.

Bloom also shared an interesting story about Maguire not accepting to play poker if he's going to play without his $17,000 Shuffle Master device - one that serves random and 'supposed' fair shuffles to ease and hasten the game. What's more interesting is that she also said that Maguire offered her to rent the Shuffle Master for a worth of $200 a night which she didn't believed at first as there should practically be no reason for the rent as Maguire is making money just fine. But it was later then that she realized he was serious.

Unfortunately, Bloom has gone broke after playing with Russian poker player Helly Nahmad. Bloom is sentenced a probation for a year, plead and swore never to play poker again.