Celebrity Poker Showdown - Tournament To Remember

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The setting for the first seven of these tournaments was Paradise, Nevada at the Palms Casino where it was taped being filmed with a live audience in tow as you would expect. The officiator of the game was Robert Thompson the Tournament Director, and the color commentary was provided by Phil Gordon. All the shows apart from the first one, which was hosted by comedic actor Kevin Pollak, were hosted by Dave Foley also an actor and comedian. When Dave Foley took over the series, most of the episodes would run for a full two hours, whereas with the first series with Pollak, they were only an hour in duration. There's nothing quite as exciting as celebrities playing poker. If you are ready to try your hand at this favorite casino game - just like the celebs - you have to find the right online casino and the right tournament. If you are unsure of which casino site to use, you could try these out and find one you love. Now you can have fun just like the celebrities and you may even walk away with real winnings.

Ways to make Celebrity Poker more Interesting

Automatic eligibility for a $1500 offer without depositing helps improve the content of any TV show. Randomly gifting audience members with cash prizes like a game show could have saved this series.

Out of all the celebrities that appeared none of them ever won the tournament more than once. Total prize money for the first seven series totalled $250,000, what for the eighth? Come the last series we were all to find out. For this particular tournament the venue was changed from the Palm Casino and moved from its familiar setting to New Orleans, where Harrah's were to be the host.

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For the final Championship game of Celebrity Poker Showdown there were five players, Keegan-Michael Key, Jason Alexander, Robin Tunney, Ida Siconolfi and Michael Ian Black.

PartyPoker.net stumped up the winning pot of $1 million with the players involved donated all their winnings to various charities who were assisting individuals from the Hurricane Katrina fallout.

This last tournament appeared on our screens on 5th July 2006, and was full of drama. Robin Tunney, who had fallen away earlier, stormed back to grab 2nd place in the contest, despite Michael Ian Black having previously won over 75% of the available chips earlier. Tunney would walk away from the game with her prize donation to the Hurricane victims' charities of $200,000.

The eventual winner of the show produced an even bigger turnaround of fortunes and made history. Jason Alexander, of Seinfeld fame, had incredibly been over $10,000 down when Michael Ian Black was leading the table winnings. Upon Black's demise Seinfeld's buddy literally went from rags to riches and scooped the jaw dropping top charity prize of half a million dollars. What a fitting touch to what was such a memorable show to all the lovers of Poker, whilst coming to the aid of one of our nations worse ever disasters, we thank all those involved for their contribution.

Even to the casual observer, it should be apparent that poker is fading from the popular imagination. That does not mean to say, the game will fade to away to nothing. However, the events of about a decade ago were a unique event. Currently, casinos would be better suited to target their marketing efforts to slot players. Online slots bring the excitement of Vegas to your living room.